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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Military Scholarships and Grants for College Grants

Military Scholarships and Grants

I salute the Military men who has been in Military, Air force, Navy etc. They join the Military, it does not mean that they can not study further. For that service men, there are various of grants and scholarships are available in US.

Scholarships are available in ROTC(Reserve Officer Training Corps), and it covers your tuition fees of your college, PG expense, study material expenses etc. But it is based on your merit and need both.

The Military has their own ROTC programs in which varieties of scholarships have been provided. Most of the students join Army, Airforce, Navy after their Senior Secondary examination and started Government service, they could not be able to study further, but Government gives many grants and scholarships program for them who wants to study furthers along with service.

The Scholarships have been provided for both type of person who are retired and who  are in service under the GI Bill. This bill provide you 100% tuition fees, housing stipend and also expenses cover for book stipend.[]

There are some foundation which will help you out in this regard

Fisher House Foundation ScholarshipsArmy Staff Sgt. Special Agent Richard S. Eaton Jr., Scholarship The Montgomery G.I. Bill plus the Army College Fund
You can search Military aid directly in

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