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Monday, 23 November 2015

Ebola Outbreak Course from Harvard University

Ebola Outbreak Course from Harvard University

You must have heard about Ebola in 2014(last year). It has made clear the existing health systems. The powerful virus that increases infections and fatal disease tends to high fever, bleeding which spreads very quickly through infected body fluids. There are many peoples who died from Ebola in the world over and were spreading quickly in the whole world. People have got frightened and there were no way to prevent from it. It was like global health issue and catastrophe.

Ebola Outbreak in Africa
Ebola Outbreak Course from Harvard University
Harvard University Online Course to Understand Ebola Outbreak

Ebola Outbreak online course has been introduced by Harvard University to understand better about Ebola and its guidelines. It is just a small fraction of the University for this Great Offerings. From this courses, the health experts and its practitioners and educationist will be focusing more on Ebola and its implications and will make the world better and safer place as a health point of view.

Course Start Date: 3 December 2015

Goal of this course

The main purpose of this course is to understand the Ebola and its effects and do research on the people who died from it.
 The Following Questions will be answered:

What is Ebola?
What are Ebola Symptoms? 
What is Ebola and what does it do
What is Ebola caused by?
How does Ebola spread?
How to prevent Ebola

Learning from Ebola Outbreak Course:

Why did the worldwide reaction fail to halt Ebola and stop its spread?
What were the localized problems faced by patients, physicians, and national plan makers?
What happened throughout the Ebola outbreak in West Africa?
How do we protect against the next the pandemic of Ebola?

Course details and Fees

The course is absolutely free. The Ebola Course duration would be 4 weeks by Harvard University and edX.

How to Apply For this Course

Go to the course enrollment website
Signup for this course
There is no requirement to apply for this course

Apply Online by Official Website.


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