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Monday, 7 December 2015

Neurological Foundation $1.1m Grants for neurological research

Neurological Foundation $1.1m Grants for neurological research

The Neurological Foundation is going to launch that grants $1,123,989 for neurological analysis projects.

Three postgraduate scholarships, 
Two postdoctoral fellowships, 
Three summer studentships

Educational travel grants has been approved in its December 2015 grant round. The Neurological Foundation is the primary non-government sponsor of neurological research in New Zealand.

Neurological Foundation
Neurological Foundation

About this grant

This grant round features the breadth of growing talent working towards better patient results in New Zealand’s world-class neurological research environment.

The Neurological Foundation granted the 2015 Repatriation Fellowship to Dr Blakemore in the December 2014 grant round, allowing her to return from her post in Geneva to proceed her movement-focused analysis work with Parkinson’s disease patients under the guidance of Christchurch-based neurologist Professor Tim Anderson.

About Neurological Foundation and neurological research projects

The non-government organization specifically devoted to funding crucial brain analysis, the Neurological Foundation has been financing New Zealand researchers and clinicians in their pursuit to find treatments and cures for neurological problems since the first granted funds in 1972.

Neurological Foundation grants have assisted set up the careers of many internationally-recognized New Zealand scientists, major to numerous neuroscience breakthroughs for several neurological disorders. This, in turn, delivers hope to the one in five New Zealanders whose existence will be impacted by these often devastating, heart-breaking circumstances.


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